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Honoring thise who have served our country and made the supreme sacrifice.

Honoring those from Limestone County who have made the supreme sacrifice

World War I

Andrew Beaver

George Bell

George Bottoms

Luther J. Brumitt

Dan Cammon

Herman L. Carter

Everett Cook

Carlos Craig

Young B. Dabbs
  James Davis

John Newman Fisk

Coy Freddie Greenhaw

Carlise B. Grisham

Wayland H. Hagan

Thomas L. Hayes

Bonnie Horton

James Kirby

Luther McDonald
  Hebert W. McLemore

Benjamin F. Pepper

Robert J. Phelps

James W. Smith

James F. Stewart

Osmond Strange

Fred Townsend


World War II


Curtis Adcock

Carlos Arnett

Butler O. Bailes

Andrew L. Baker

William D. Bates

Willis N. Baugher

Garon J. Birdwell

Lawrence Bowers

William B. Bowers

Richard G. Boyd

James P. Brakefield

Edward L. Brown

Horace C. Browning

John W. Campbell

Tommie C. Campbell

Douglas L. Castell

Dalton Chandler

Mason L. Chapman

Horace Christopher

Leo M. Claunch

William M. Claxton

Walter Clifton Jr

Jim Clutts

Eugene Coffman

Rafel L. Cooper

Clifton H. Crouch

Andy Curry

James L. Daniel

Ned N. Dildine

Joseph A. Eaves

William M. Edge

  Robert L. Elders

George D. Farrar

Hassie L. Ferguson

Shelly C. Ferguson

Lakin Garth

J. Buford Gladney

Robert W. Green

Winford  Griffin

Willie D. Griffis

Walter R. Hanks

Edward D. Gross

Edward E. Hardison

Vernon M. Hargrove

Louie H. Hatchett

Marvin Hatchett Jr

Hollis W. Hicks

Lifford L. Joyce

James C. Kennemer

Price A. Keys

Andrew L. King

Macon L. Lamon

Harlis J. Lovell

Wright D. Lovell

Clifton W. Magnusson

Winfield S. Massey

Robert H. McConnell

W. Alton McGlocklin

Robert F. McGlocklin

Herman J. McMunn

Marion E. Miller

Cecil A. Morris


  Lester L. Muse

Dudley A. Norton

George E. Pissanus

Moroni M. Reyer

Grady M. Sanderson

Bill L. Sims

Carl L. Sims

Jack I. Smith

J. Dillahay Smith

Lionel F. Smith

Robert L. Smith

Roy M. Smith

Charles C. Springer

John W. Stewart

Alvie B. Stinnett Jr

Delton D. Stone

Ross R. Sweetlnd

James M. Taft

Flecher Todd

James D. Tribble

William A. Tucker

Woodrow H. Tuten

Arthur Ulrich

Edward D. Wallace

Hallie F. Williams

William O. Wood

Robert L. Wray

Korean War

Emory Ronald Coffman

Leo H. Gray

  Willie D. Griffis

Billy M. Phelps

  Hubert W. Potts

Silas W. Wilson


Vietnam War

James Terrell Blalock

Bobby Herald Brewer

James Phillip Brown

Clayton Gerome Craig

James Larry Downs

Gary Lewis Elmore

Raymond Garth

James Hargrove 
  Gary Curtis Harwell

Thomas Allen Johnson

Donald Johnson

James Ray Killian

Ray Frank Long

Junior Edward Lott

John Bruce Lyle

Fred Wayne Magnusson

Dennie McMeans

Ray Lee Moore


David Ray Owens

Johnnie Lee Pryear

Herman Lee Troupe

Carl Gene Ward

Iraqi Freedom War

Adam Loggins   Rickey Turner    
























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