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Flag Disposal Ceremony

One of the many programs sponsored by the American Legion is education about flag etiquette. Indeed, the American Legion was instrumental in convening the National Flag Conference in 1923 and the establishment of rules of civilian flag courtesy that later became the basis of the U.S. Flag Code (Title 36, U.S.C. Chapter 10) adopted by Congress in 1942.

The American Legion does extensive education work to promote proper display and use of our national standard. A booklet is produced by the national headquarters that can be very useful to the public when faced with decisions about proper display of the flag and flag etiquette.

Unfortunately, flags that are used frequently for display, particularly those displayed in outdoor settings, do not have an indefinite service life. When the flag becomes worn and unserviceable its disposal should be correct and dignified. The proper disposal is by burning, done with appropriate honor and recognition paid to the flag(s) being burned.

Post 49 conducts a dignified disposal ceremony for unserviceable flags each year at our headquarters on Cloverleaf Drive in Athens. The ceremony is outdoors and usually conducted in the summertime. This is an educational opportunity for young people and for all others to show their reverence and affection for Old Glory. The public is invited to view our ceremony. If you are interested in attending then we suggest you check our calendar tab on this site for the scheduled date and time.

Flag disposal ceremony held in Athens Alabama at The American Legion Post 49









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