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Biography of Carlisle B. Grisham

Carlisle B. Grisham was born April 28, l893, and was the second son of Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Jackson Grisham. The first son died in infancy, so Carlisle was elected to a place of importance and was the pride of his parents. Even as a little boy he loved children and found great joy in being elder brother to his own little sisters and brothers. They looked upon him as an authority in all matters important to children and the esteem grew with the years and to them there was no one quite like "Bubber". He taught his young hopefuls how to swim, ride horseback and to do many daring feats. His playground was a Mecca for the children in the neighborhood. Early characteristics showed development of sportsmanship, leadership and an insatiable desire to play pranks and jokes proving his inherited sense of humor and wit. This very same love of fun cost him his life.

Carlisle grew into splendid young manhood, achieving every success scholastically, winning several debating medals and honors in athletics at Green University from which he was graduated.

In the summer months he worked hard clearing land for his father, and developed his brawn as well as his brain and when he entered the University of Alabama he was very tall, impressive, handsome student. He was interested in medicine and was deterŽmined to get his M. D. degree. He was in his junior year in Medical School when he was called upon to give his services to his country. He was stationed at Fort Clark, Texas prior to being transferred to France. His Mother and Father surprised him with a visit shortly before he sailed and this memory will always be a happy one for them, although the sadness of that last goodbye confuses the bitter with the sweet.

Carlisle was placed in the Medical Department because of his training and efficiency and during his service in France he occupied a very precarious position between the firing lines where [he] often administered to the needs of the wounded on battlefield. His letters were always cheerful but like all good soldiers his ultimate goal was a reunion with those he loved in the place he called Home. As the war drew to a close he felt blessed because he had been spared the misfortune of physical handiŽcap and felt only the weariness of combat.

Later Carlisle was transferred to Germany and was given guard duty as a relief. He and one of his closest friends were at their post one day and their spirits were soaring because the long dreamed of day was soon to become a reality. In this mood of exultation Carlisle's friend displayed a box of cigars he had received from the States and as they wrestled over them the "unloaded" gun used to guard prisoners was discharged. Carlisle was rushed to the hospital for an operation but never regained consciousness. Only the deepest sympathy was felt for the prostrated soldier who had lost the companionship of another true soldier. Through the years the letters of Robert Griffin of Camden, N. J. to the Grisham family have been but mute evidence of the place Carlisle held in the hearts of his comrades.

Carlisle's body was brought to Athens a year later and full military honors directed by soldiers of Limestone County were only symbolic of their deeper feelings.

In his 26th year taps were sounded for Carlisle B. Grisham, but in the inscription on his Tombstone we find consolation.

Written by Miss Rebecca Grisham (Sister)
Athens, Alabama










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